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Transfers of ownership

Valley View Estates Inc. to Jerry J. and Marilyn A. Moye. Lot 6, Valley View Estates, $49,900

Mary Lou Long to Katie L. Bawell. 154 Maple Lane, $180,000

Willie Dexter Bowling Jr. and Mabel Louise Bowling Mays at DRV Construction LLC. 852 Patrick-Henry Highway, $150,000

Glenn H. Campbell Jr. to Matthew A. Johnson and Emily Johnson. Lot 30, Galt’s Mill Landing, $120,000

Hunter L. Glass at Destynee Wimbish. Lot 17, Riviera Townhouses, Phase IV, $129,900

Tyler J. and Ellison L. Bergin to Syri A. and Sara J. Pendleton. Lot 23, Section 2, Oak View Estates, $215,000

Tony R. Bennett Jr. and Brittany A. Bennett to Carlos C. Ross. Lot 9, Section 2, Mountain View Hills, $235,000

Phillip R. Keys to Daniel J. and Vicki A. Sheehan. Lot 35, Subdivision of Abee Manor, $294,900

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Echols Farms Inc. to the Conservation Fund. Parcel, Elon Road, on the waters of the James River, 188.64 acres, $335,000

Julia S. Wingfield, Wayne Bailey and Barbara Bailey to Ashley M. Shilling and Christopher L. McLean. Two parcels, Little Piney Road, 300.255 acres, $601,711.02

Autumn D. Guill to Mario Haskins. Plot, overlooking Va. 631 and Va. 1061, 0.259 acres, $150,000

Kendall B. and Chandler M. Hammer to William C. Cox II. Lot 4, Mountain Cut Road, $337,500

Christian A. Hegmann to Joseph T. Martin Sr. and Sandra G. Martin. 7634 New Chapel Road, $28,000

Michelle Marcellino at Slate Ridge Investments LLC. Lot 1, Virginia 26, 17.83 acres, $200,000

Clayton C. Bryant Jr. to Daniel and Sarah Algarin. Parcel, 32,385 acres, Webb Mill Road, $89,000

Jeffrey D. Graybill Jr. and Ann M. Graybill at Carson D. Futch. Lot 53, Section 4, Afton’s Meadow, Blue Ridge District, $439,950

John W. and Michele L. Summerville at Maverick LLC. Parcel, Happy Acres Dr. and Lakeway Dr., Lakes District, $250,000

Brian K. Carter to Donnie J. Herrin and Jessica Bookout. 3333 Toler’s Ferry Road, Lake District, $214,900

Smith Huisking Holdings LLC to McDonald LLC. Unit 405, Celebration Square Condominium, Lakes District, $201,000

E&N Properties of Roanoke LLC to Lita Marie Hearn and Lauren Kayla Cobb. 2836 Isle of Pines Drive, Lakes District, $192,475

Jerry W. Overstreet and Cathy M. Overstreet to Jacob and Ainsley Price. Residual Lot 10, Hunters Knoll, Lakes District, $165,000

Jose J. and Samantha L. Guzman to Heather Nicole Lynn and Ryan Daniel Groah. Lot 16, Block 6, Snug Harbor, Lakes District, $117,000

Larry A. Peura to Corey D. and Krystalin R. Mays. Lots 1-3, Bethesda Acres, Lakes District, $100,000

Michael A. Miller at Warmstone Properties LLC. Lot 60, Section 1, Mountain Meadows, Blue Ridge District, $75,000

J. Blake Wills and Kimberly W. Crocker to James Robert Goodman. Lot 7, Section 2, Mountain View Estates, , Blue Ridge District, $36,000

Shane W. Spradlin to Sean F. Muldrew. 1644 Gravel Hill Road, Blue Ridge District, $30,000

David B. Vaughan to Fred and Judy Smith. Lot 12, Waterford Heights, Lake District, $15,000

David B. Vaughan to Fred and Judy Smith. Lot 15, Waterford Heights, Lake District, $15,000

David B. Vaughan to Fred and Judy Smith. Lot 2, South Woods, Lakes District, $15,000

Martha W. Snuffer to Nickolaus A. and Ashley J. Sylvester. Plot, 1.5 acres, Morgan’s Church Road, Lakes District, $13,000

Terri Lynn Schrader, Linda Kay Wynn and Robert Michael Meyer at Dillon L. Waldron. Lot 21, Huntington Heights, $181,000

Amanda Hope Martin to Angela S. Barker. 1095 Buffalo Run, $140,000

E. Glenn and Susan L. Jenkins to Jason Scott and Annetta Jean Stolvoort. Lot 29, Section III, Phase VI, Lake Vista, $435,000

Wanda H. and William A. Robertson Jr. to Vikas and Ellen W. Probhakar. Parcel, London Downs Dr., $150,000

Trisomy 21 Properties LLC to Dustin P. Maner and Lori M. Wright. Lot 49B, Bellevue Road, $193,382.50

William L. McCarthy III to Susan L. McCausland. Lot 33, Section 1, Glenbrooke, $250,000

David A. and Marci LA DeWitt to Jeremy M. and Emily C. Coe. 1032 Macfarlane Court South, $499,500

Bryan R. and Mary Cooper Strawderman at Josie’s Legacy LLC. Lot 2, Section 3, Valleywood Townhouses, $172,000

Charlie T. and Emily P. Overstreet to William Tyler and Sarahann Marie McDonald. 1324 Founder Road, $335,000

Jacoben Wolfe and Elisa Calvo Tone to William M. and Elisa R. Anderson. Lot 15, Section 1, Fall Race, $465,000

Cunningham Brothers Enterprises LLC to Scott H. and Ashley P. Bernard. Lot 2, Virginia 623, 1,107 acres, $45,000

Stephen Ryan and Kristi Negron Rabon to Richard L. and Julia K. Woody. Lot 19, The Hollows, $300,000

Paul A. and Susanna Kristine Stephens to James H. and Lori J. Matts. Amended Lot 17, Section 1, Lake Vista, $542,000

Coffee Road LLC to Jerrod D. and Kelsi L. Justice. Lot 6, The Café Stables Subdivision, $159,900

Stoney Ridge LLC to William and Joanne Fields. Unit 103, Lot 55, Stoney Ridge, Condominiums $204,295

Dana H. Tuck to Nelly N. Buono and Frank B. Arbusto Jr. Unit 2415, Building 6-B, Phase 6, Twin Springs Garden Villa Condominiums, $159,000

John L. Wynne and James B. Wynne at Brockland LLC. Parcel, Mallard Cove, $65,000

Jane R. Glover to Ira Lee Poff. Lot 1, 3,041 acres, Peaks District, $56,000

Sprockets from Spring Creek #3 LLC at University Square Two LLC. Plot 3, Phase 1, Gables to Spring Creek, $2,827,500

JNT Properties LLC at University Square One LLC. Building #6, Gables at Spring Creek, $2,827,500

Coffee Road LLC to James S. and Allison K. Mays. Lot 7, the coffee stables subdivision, $159,900

Jean Capital LLC to Randal Wayd Walshaw. 102 Terry Road, $168,000

Peggy J. Lankford to Shmar O’Brien Johnson. Lot 2, Section 1, Kings Grant Subdivision, $95,800

Michael J. Webster to Audra M. and Michael E. Kopp III. Lot 3, Section 1, Viewmont, $368,999

Daniel R. Rogers and Audrey M. Thacker to Shannon Nicole and Chad Allen Kranz. 104 Old Tavern Circle, $150,000

R. Fralin Construction Inc. to Steven P. and Maureen B. Marshall. Lot 43, Section III, Block B, Carriage Grove, $355,285

Allison M. Revis to Zachary R. and Anna M. Shotton. Lot 8, Section 7, Phase 3, Village at Greenview, $167,000

Cynthia Vandall Roberts to Deidra M. Simpson. Lot 11, Section 7, Russell Springs, $312,000

MGW Properties LLC to Altavegas Properties LLC. 1200 Avondale Drive, $1,505,000

Melissa D. Hardy to Jesus Gonzalez Arias and Graciela Gonzalez. Lot 11, Section 2, Pin Oak Estates, $39,900

Mickey D. Davis at Augusta Clark Construction LLC. Lot 6, Davis Acres, $62,000

Blue Ridge Commons LLC to Seth Thomas Luez and Corryn Amanda Siegel. Lot 59, Blue Ridge Commons, Section 1, $219,900

Kathy F. Cox to Steven L. and Lezlie W. Bryant. Parcel, 0.93 acres, Virginia 605, $120,000

Stephen M. Williams at Solomon Way Properties LLC. Lot 11, Block 5, Section 1, Rainbow Forest, $248,000

Kaleb Scott Firkins and Jonni Witt Firkins at Allen Franklin II. Lot 162, West Quadrant, $339,900

Daniel D. Wade at AC Capital LLC. 410, 412, 414 and 416 Twelfth Street, $233,000

Norvell W. Wright Jr. and Linn G. Spencer to Keon David and Nadia Abdshah. Lot 5, Section II, Forest Brook Hills Townhouse Subdivision, $50,000

R. Moorefield Construction Co. to Kevin M. and Shannon C. Blewett. Lot 3, Bethel Estates Subdivision, $529,900

James D. Edwards Jr. and Kelly P. Edwards at Blue Mountain Property Rentals LLC. Lot 4, Section 1, Primrose Park, $215,000

Two Elk LLC to Gerald W. Cox Jr. and Lauren A. Cox. Lots 13 and 13D, Block 13, Radcliff, $195,000

Clarissa Lauren Fostel to Susan Crosby. 404 Warren Ave, $192,000

Todd Swindell and Thomas Deans at Paces Enterprises LLC. 321 Harrison Street, $141,500

James T. and Gaynelle W. Eadie at 1480 Holdings LLC. 601 Wyndhurst Drive, Unit 303, $214,900

James W. Elliott at Hampton Mae Holdings LLC. 1811 Zenobia St., $1,500

Michael Dillard Properties LLC to Forest Investments LLC. 401 Grove Street, $102,000

Matthew B. Foster at RJC Holdings LLC. 1114 E. Grand Avenue, $105,000

Lisa Linthicum to Ashley C. Goin. 171 Pierce Street, $5,000

Alexandra Steltzer at Goode Life LLC. 200 Perrymont Avenue, $173,000

Edward E. Macdonald, Lisa C. Macdonald, Jacob Stephen Huemoeller and Hannah Renee Huemoeller to Kenneth Vredenburg. Lot 32, Wellington to Wyndhurst, $209,700

JC Venture Strategies LLC to Brandon M. and Holly Roberts. Lot 10, Block B, Grand View Village, $252,000

Ronnie E. Otey and Joe Ann Otey to Nicholas Mark and Brittany Anna Liberto. 1610 Ruffner Square, $212,775

Jeffrey L. and Michelle A. Lumadue to Donna A. Pfeiffer. 1407 Lynndale Square, $269,900

Lynchburg Building Inc. to RJC Holdings LLC. Lot 4, Mapleton Addition, $12,000

Princeton Circle Associate LC at Martin Ridge Homes LLC. 3rd place Wendover, $186,250

James S. Mizio at White Mountain Investments LLC. 170 Bedford Avenue, $131,000

Redely LLC to a Story Holdings LLC. Lot 3, townhouse subdivision at 500 Court Street, $335,900

Joseph M. Tilley to Jameson E. Strassburg. Lot 9, Block A, Section 1, Vista Acres Subdivision, $227,000

White House Properties II LLC to Norman D. and Dorcas K. Yoder. Unit 101, The Gables at Wyndhurst Condominium, $165,000

Building permit

Mark Sadel, 1287 Pedestal Lane, renovation, $133,200

Gerald Wise, Overhauled Lot 9, ET Mitchell, Wharf, $81,000

Linda McLain, 1891 Robertson Road, veranda, $5,000

Russell Smith Jr., 1828 Vista Circle, pool, $48,390

Steven Doss, 1523 Tucker Terrace, garage and warehouse, $40,000

Guido Manzo, 415 Heather Lane, alteration, $2,500

TPB Enterprises LLC, 140 Vista Center Dr., Business Amendment, $35,000

Carl Chenoweth, 130 Thunder Ridge Road, alteration, $125,000

Tyler Overstreet, 1129 Nelms Lane, garage, $30,000

James Schultz, 113 Sunset Point Dr., addition, $90,000

Cameron Preston, 2739 Preston Mill Road, garage, $25,000

William Gray, 105 McCormick Dr., new housing, $350,000

Alexander Lagos, 402 Foxwood Dr., alteration, $8,500

Robert Musselman, 1039 Coves End Road, roof, $26,000

Timothy Wamsley, Laughlin Lane, new housing, $100,000

John LeVan, 2370 Capewood Drive, alteration, $250,000

Ronald Castleberry, 1257 Abalone Bluff Dr., bridge, $18,000

Robin Grier, 111 Tyler Terrace, master bathroom renovation, $30,000

CRM Construction Inc., Lot 12, Coffee Road Estates, New Housing, $500,000

Scott Bortz, 108 Pebble Brook Lane, finished bathroom, $20,000

Jefferson Commons Commercial LLC, 1040 Gables Dr., Suite 104, Commercial Amendment, $75,000

Brett Brenner, 2598 Big Island Highway, garage, $15,215

Jacob Rothgeb, Blount Road, new housing, $650,000

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