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World Leukemia Day 2022: Congenital leukemia is a rare cancer that is present at birth and whose signs and symptoms appear within a month of an infant’s life. Congenital leukemia occurs in the womb even before a baby is born and can be treated with chemotherapy. Some of the symptoms that would be seen in newborns with leukemia are pale skin, fever, fatigue, nosebleeds, bleeding in the brain, and anemia. Sometimes congenital leukemia also leads to stillbirth. (Also read: World Leukemia Day 2022: Dietary advice for leukemia patients to aid recovery)

“Congenital leukemia refers to the rare cancer disease that is present at birth and clinical signs appear within the first 4 weeks. Congenital leukemia is different from childhood leukemia which develops later in a child’s life. Congenital leukemia occurs in utero before birth, so while some childhood leukemias develop alongside Down syndrome, this is not common in children with congenital leukemia,” explains Dr. Sunny Jain HOD and Senior Consultant in Oncology Marengo QRG Hospital, Faridabad.


The exact causes of congenital leukemia are not known, but they have been linked to maternal radiation exposure, maternal dietary exposure to bioflavonoids, maternal tobacco and illicit drug use, and hereditary diseases. such as Down syndrome, neurofibromatosis, Bloom syndrome and Fanconi anemia. . Mutations in the KMTA2A gene may be other risk factors for this rare type of leukemia.


“Children with leukemia may have symptoms such as pale skin, fever, fatigue, bruising, nose bleeds, frequent infections, yellowing of the skin and eyes (jaundice), enlarged spleen, enlarged kidneys, enlarged liver, enlarged spleen, enlarged liver and spleen, bleeding in the brain and anemia.In some cases, congenital leukemia can become the cause of stillbirth,” says Dr. Jain.


Diagnosis of children with signs or symptoms of leukemia may be made by physical examination, blood tests, imaging tests such as CT scans and MRIs, spinal tap or spinal tap, marrow aspiration bone and a biopsy.


“Chemotherapy is recommended as the primary form of treatment for children with congenital leukaemia. Chemotherapy is considered to be effective, especially in the presence of mutations in the KMTA2A gene,” says Dr. Jain.

“To improve quality of life and reduce the risk of complications, certain supportive care techniques may be advised. These include maintaining hydration and fluid balance, monitoring liver function, and performing blood counts. frequent globular,” he adds.

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