Who is Katherine Taylor? Zac Taylor’s sister mocks Bengals coach’s lack of gold medal

When it comes to athletics, Cincinnati Bengals head coach Zac Taylor faces stiff competition from his own family. Not only is he married to the daughter of former Packers head coach Mike Sherman, but he’s also the son of Sherwood, a solid defensive back in his day. The athletic genes also seem to run in his siblings, perhaps best seen in Zac’s sister, Kathryn Taylor.

Before Taylor’s Super Bowl LVI clash, Kathryn decided to go after her brother for his lack of gold medals. Of course, if things go as planned, Zac will have at least one SuperBowl ring to brag about. He is not the only one. “Mattress Mack” in Teas has bet $4.5 million on the Bengals winning, so it goes without saying that there is a lot at stake. Right now, there is also a lot of interest in the show of halftime, after it was revealed that two deaf rappers would make history with their ASL performances.


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But for now, all eyes are on the Bengals, who are aiming for their first-ever Super Bowl victory. With history about to be made, there’s clearly a lot of pressure on Zac from millions of fans. So naturally, a little sibling rivalry had to be added to spice things up. In an interview with The New York PostKathryn and other members of Zac’s family joked about his superior athletic skills.

Cincinnati Bengals head coach Zac Taylor looks on during the game against the Tennessee Titans at Nissan Stadium on January 22, 2022 in Nashville, Tennessee (Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Who is Katherine Taylor?

Now 36, Kathryn was born with trisomy 21, a genetic condition where she was born with three chromosomes instead of two in position 21. Despite being diagnosed with Down syndrome at birth, she has become a champion athletic. Growing up in Norman, Oklahoma, Kathryn was taught to swim by her mother, who initially feared the easy access to pools she had. They were encouraged by Cowboys assistant Gene Stallings, whose own son was born with Down syndrome. “It meant everything to us that someone in his place told us that everything will be fine,” said his mother Julie Taylor.

Pushed by Stallings, the family treated Kathryn like any other child. From football to gymnastics and volleyball, Kathryn explored a long list of activities as a child, but somehow found an affinity for water. “She knew how to swim when she was little. Really little. Always natural in the water,” Julie said. in a 2005 interview. Although she was born into a family of sports stars, Kathryn clearly stood out as “Norman’s most famous Taylor,” Julie noted.

She estimates that Kathryn has won at least 60 gold medals per age group in the 25 meter freestyle and backstroke races at local and national Special Olympics. In fact, Kathryn has been unbeaten for nearly 25 years, a run that was cut short by the Covid-19 pandemic. Her track record is so good that she has been nicknamed “The Dominator” by her family.

“They can’t follow me”

Kathryn seemed to have little sympathy for her siblings when it came to their athletic record. “I’m faster than everyone. They can’t keep up with me,” she scoffed and called herself the best athlete in the family. Julie added: “Kathryn pretty much throws in her brothers face that she has a lot of gold medals. She’ll be like, ‘I don’t see you with gold medals. “”It’s just another day in the Taylor Household.

“Sad to say, but in our family, a little chat goes a long way. Kathryn can take it to the next level,” Julie added. This led the Post to report: “If he wins, she might tell him he needs to win another 59 Vince Lombardi trophies to match it. If he loses, she might ask him if he’d like to wear one. of his gold medals until he wins one of his.” But at least Zac can now claim the title of ‘Most Famous Taylor’ when he coaches the Bengals in front of around 100 million viewers on February 13.

That said, unlike the rest of her family, Kathryn seems to be hoping for the Bengals to lose to the Rams. “She’s not a graceful winner at all,” Julie noted, adding that Kathryn promised “lots of excitement” during the celebration.

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