Tiffany’s tireless 63,000-step challenge to help other children

Before: Cllr Richard Holmes, Mayor of Causeway Coasts and Glens with fundraiser Tiffany. On the back: Pat Forsythe (representative of the Cancer Fund of Children and Una Crowe (president of the Causeway Down Syndrome Support Group)

Tiffany, 17, decided to start her fundraiser in October as it is Down Syndrome Awareness Month and she has now extended her challenge until November.

She vowed to walk “3 x 21,000” and explained, “I learned in my GCSE science class that Down syndrome is caused by three copies of chromosome 21.”

Tiffany didn’t have an easy start in life. Born three months preterm and suffering from trisomy 21 (Down syndrome), she not only had to overcome health complications like holes in the heart, but also contracted leukemia when she was a baby.

Tiffany learns to run on the beach

A six-month hospital treatment and two-year isolation period due to suppressed immunity helped her survive cancer and chemotherapy.

She has also received early therapeutic treatments aimed at improving the developmental outcomes of children with Down syndrome, such as hydrotherapy and music therapy.

The latter laid the foundation for her unwavering love of music and her passion for the piano despite her severe hearing impairment.

Now a teenager, Tiffany loves looking at pictures from her early childhood and sharing fond memories of the people who were so kind to her during those difficult years.

Tiffany with the Mayor of Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council, Cllr Richard Holmes

During confinement, she began to walk and also began to learn to run.

This motivated her fundraising challenge for the Cancer Fund for Children and the Causeway Down Syndrome Support Group – both charities provided crucial support for her early health and development.

Tiffany wants to make sure that children from other affected families can receive the same loving care.

Her mother Ami adds: “Until recently, I would not have thought that it was possible for Tiffany to engage in such physical activity, given the challenges she has.

Cllr Richard Holmes, Mayor of Causeway Coasts and Glens, with Tiffany

“I admire his courage and tenacity.

“It reminds me that even as parents, we sometimes underestimate our children. “

Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council Mayor Richard Holmes met Tiffany and said: raise money for these two great causes.

“Tiffany has been through a lot in life before, but she doesn’t let any of it hold her back.

“I hope everyone can support his efforts and show their support by donating on their page.”

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