The pro-life doctor’s mission is to educate about the truth about life in the womb

When obstetrician/gynecologist William Lile bought his first medical practice, it happened to be the former establishment of an abortionist. As he looked at the equipment used to end the lives of so many unborn children and thought about the women who had been deceived by the abortion industry, he had an idea.

“Never again would these machines be used in my practice, so I shipped them to DC to a video production company and created videos of how abortions are performed in the first two trimesters,” said Dr. Lile at Live Action News. “A video is worth a million words and can be effective in debunking the lies of the abortion industry while illustrating the brutality of abortion.”

As he began giving talks at churches to stop abortion, Dr. Lile saw an opportunity to educate his audience about the rights of unborn patients, an issue he is particularly passionate about. He says medical science shows how unborn children are separate human beings from their mothers with their own DNA and blood type. Thanks to advances in obstetrical technology, it is now possible to open the uterus and perform delicate surgery on the smallest of patients to correct physical abnormalities, ensuring better long-term results than waiting for the birth.

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“Early technology allowed us to see the baby on an ultrasound and even then we saw that child as a separate living being,” Dr Lile said. “But now advances in fetal medicine have taken us a step further by allowing us to treat unborn children like patients in the womb. Today, it is common for doctors to use a fetal endoscope to treat spina bifida in the womb. Medical advances such as these clearly demonstrate the personality of the fetus.

Technological advances offer vital information

Lile launched with a mission to educate the community on how to combat pro-abortion industry talking points that claim abortion is health care. He believes that defending patients’ rights is a convincing argument against abortion.

“It really comes down to patients’ rights,” Dr. Lile said, “Are babies in the womb patients and do they deserve the same care as their mothers? Absolutely, they do. You can’t ignore the scientific evidence.

As Dr. Lile travels across the country for speaking engagements, he shares testimonies of babies as young as 18 weeks old receiving life-saving blood transfusions and undergoing successful heart surgery. Lile recalls how a young man who was a pro-choice atheist but a strong supporter of patients’ rights admitted that Lile’s arguments changed his mind about abortion.

Dr Lile said: “Doctors are not supposed to choose the patients to whom they will administer care. All patients deserve to be treated equally, including unborn children. Abortion is a moral and spiritual battle, but I believe the topic of patients’ rights helps move the debate forward.

Yet advancement in technology is opening a Pandora’s box in terms of the ability to detect abnormalities in early pregnancies. A panoramic blood test offers genetic information as early as nine weeks when chromosomal abnormalities such as Down syndrome can be detected. Dr Lile said, “How society treats the least is going to determine the quality of that society. Who determines who is valuable? Many of these children live fulfilling lives and make incredible contributions to their communities. »

Dr. William Lile (photo used with permission)

Determined to fight for the unborn child

Even for patients carrying babies with life-limiting conditions, Dr. Lile never offers the option of terminating the pregnancy. Instead, he believes in allowing God to take the baby in the natural course of time.

“It’s never good to give up on your patients,” Dr. Lile said. “There are always misdiagnoses. I assure my patients that I will be with them throughout the pregnancy and that I will do everything possible for them. My patients who gave birth to these babies are grateful for the time spent with their child. They never regret having carried the baby to term.

As he fights to save babies, Dr. Lile knows the pain of loss well. Early in his marriage, his wife had four miscarriages before finally giving birth to their two daughters. Looking back, he wished his church had offered more support during such a painful time.

Dr Lile said: “This is an area where churches sometimes fail to intervene, in addition to the issue surrounding abortion. Considering that 20% of women will miscarry, we need to do better for couples experiencing grief, anger and depression as with any loss of a loved one.

The Abortion Pill Rescue Network Serves a Vital Function

Although Dr. Lile believes that the dissolution of deer was “a miracle,” he knows the abortion industry is finding innovative ways to reach young women. He is alarmed at the ease of access to the abortion pill and fears that more women will be harmed.

“Many women don’t know that taking the abortion pill triggers a process that involves cramping, bleeding and pain. It’s a miserable experience. When a woman can obtain the abortion pill without an examination to determine the progress of the pregnancy, it can have devastating consequences.

He is one of 500 doctors connected to the Abortion Pill Rescue Network – Heartbeat International (Abortion Pill Rescue Network (, responsible for 4,000 cancellations of abortion pills. As said about 70% of chemical abortions can be stopped with the reversal pill (which is the hormone progesterone).

“Women who have abortions feel alone, with no one to turn to. They swallow the pill in desperation, but many come to regret their decision. Therefore, the Abortion Pill Rescue Network is instrumental in saving babies,” Lile said. “This very morning I delivered a healthy baby whose mother took the abortion pill. Both are doing well.”

As the war on unborn babies escalates, Dr. Lile says ‘the womb with a view’ is an effective weapon in the battle against abortion. He is just beginning his quest to educate about the rights of his most vulnerable patients and hopes more churches will join him in the fight.

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