Thai obstetrician provides advice on prenatal t

As part of a new series aimed at providing expectant parents with professional advice, “Your Health, Our Concern” interviews Dr. Prasit Viriyakijpaiboon, a Thai obstetrician, who shares helpful tips with families during pre-pregnancy times. and pregnancy. The period before pregnancy is also called “preconception”, the time before and between pregnancies.

With more than 10 years of experience in this field, Dr. Prasit is also the CEO of Health Smile Company Limited which provides specialist medical services such as Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT).

Advice for future parents

Dr. Prasit points out that before or during pregnancy, vitamin B complex, iron and folic acid supplements are necessary for mothers. Folic acid is recommended for at least three months during the pre-pregnancy period. In addition, screening for genetic abnormalities during the pre-pregnancy period can detect whether there is a higher risk of genetic diseases.

As soon as mothers find out that they are pregnant, they should go to the hospital or any nursing institute for prenatal care. Mothers can choose the Quad Screen Test or NIPT to screen for Down syndrome risk. For greater accuracy, he recommends NIPT as its screening accuracy is 99%.

This way, they might not need to undergo amniocentesis, which can increase the risk of miscarriage and infection.

How has Thailand promoted reproductive health?

All Thai women have access to free prenatal care, including screening for Down syndrome. In addition, the Social Security Office provides assistance with childbirth costs and monthly child-rearing subsidies.

Drug tests that apply Big Data

Advances in Thailand’s genomic database are helping to develop disease screening tests sooner than ever. Data is collected with more depth and focus, allowing medical professionals to retrieve data such as races, family characteristics, etc. All of this big data can be collected and further processed so that relevant risks can be identified.

Dr. Prasit believes that genome-related technologies help humans live better lives and promote reproductive health. He adds that “the greatest happiness and satisfaction of being an obstetrician is when parents bring their babies home healthy without any complications associated with pregnancy or childbirth.”

Video interview of Dr. Prasit

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