Jayden, a 4-year-old from Norwood, who lives with a rare genetic condition called Coffin-Siris Syndrome, received a special birthday surprise from the Asphodel Norwood Fire Department (ANFR) on Thursday.

Photo courtesy of Ashley Fraser.

Ashley Fraser, Jayden’s mother, says that although he’s non-verbal, he’s always shown an interest in big trucks and lights, so she thought he might like fire engines.

“We noticed it when we went to the Santa Claus parade in Norwood and he was just amazed when he saw the fire truck,” she said. “He sits by our window and he loves to watch the cars and big trucks go by, that’s his thing – he’s not into toys.”

Due to her interest, Jayden’s mother contacted the local fire department in hopes that they would come by in their truck on Jayden’s birthday.

ANFR Fire Chief Daryl Payne and Firefighter James Jordan arrived with a fire truck to Jayden’s house to celebrate.

“James got to eye level, Jayden was so comfortable with him, it was just amazing that he was so drawn to him and was able to have that connection.”

Fraser says the department blew her away with his kindness and the way he treated his son.

Living with coffin-siris syndrome, Jayden is non-verbal. His mother says his shouts of joy showed him how happy he was when he saw the fire truck pull up to their house.

“He doesn’t get excited like the average little kid gets excited for birthdays or at Christmas, it just doesn’t get excited for him like an ordinary little kid, so it was so great to see him enjoying that.”

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