New mom, 46, diagnosed with “incurable” cancer 6 weeks after giving birth to baby girl

Andrea Kevill-Davies’ pain was initially thought to be kidney stones, but the shadows on her bladder turned out to be tumors – her family and friends have now come together to support her

Andrea Kevill-Davies and eldest son Connor when diagnosed with cancer

A new mother was diagnosed with incurable cancer six weeks after giving birth.

Andrea Kevill-Davies’ persistent pain was initially thought to be kidney stones and the treatment was deemed too dangerous while carrying her daughter Daisy.

Heartbreakingly, the shadows on the mother’s bladder turned out to be tumors.

Diane Spooner, the 43-year-old sister-in-law, said the diagnosis was “devastating”.

The 56-year-old recounted TeesideLive : “The decision was made to give birth as soon as possible so that she could undergo a biopsy.

“Daisy was born on September 16 of this year and Andrea had a biopsy right after Daisy’s birth with Down syndrome.

Andrea’s group of friends who raise funds to help her family



“As a childminder, Andrea knew exactly how to care for her new daughter as she had past experience with the children she had cared for.”

The news also came a week after Andrea buried her stepfather.

A GoFundMe was created by his friends to help raise money for the family.

Diane added: “Andrea Whatsapped told me last Wednesday that this was not good news and that she knew more.

“She texted half an hour later saying she had incurable cancer and was starting chemotherapy immediately.

“It’s just devastating, we only buried my stepfather the week before and now this.

“She had to do her job as a nanny while on treatment and I hope to take care of her as much as I did when I took care of my stepfather.”

“Andrea’s eldest son, Connor, was stationed in Cyprus in the military and is now gone so he can help with his mom and family.”

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“Despite how heartbreaking it is, the support from the community has been mind-blowing as they help raise funds for Andrea and her family.

“She’s the cutest person in the world, she’s absolutely amazing and I hope this money can help her create memories with her family.”

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