Mum hopes to create a wheelchair-friendly park for all the kids

NEW RICHMOND, Wis. — Mary Park in New Richmond, Wisconsin – it’s a place to have fun, but it’s not exactly a level playing field.

Teresa DeYoung explained her son’s experience, “When you see Will playing with his sister or his peers, he’s always five steps behind.”

Will is diagnosed with Down syndrome. He also has a magnetic heart, “He has the best affection for everyone and he gives the best hugs.”

So she wanted a place where Will could more easily share his love with everyone. So, for four years, she raised money to build “Will’s Playground”, which would be a wheelchair-friendly playground for children of all abilities.

The most expensive part of this project is the flooring, instead of wood chips they need rubber flooring which will cost $115,000.

She got a big break – she’s a finalist for a national grant that would give them $100,000 – enough to start construction. They are currently in second place in an online vote.

Teresa says: “I know if we can get that last push before midnight tonight, we have a very good chance.”

Either way, this mom says she’ll keep pushing because everyone deserves fair play.

End of votes tonight midnight.

Click here to vote for Will.

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