Mother of rare twins with Down syndrome shows how beautiful they are despite criticism

Embracing motherhood is an amazing experience for any woman. While all mothers consider their children precious, one first-time mother didn’t realize that her twin daughters were extremely rare.

Choosing kindness and love is never a bad idea in a world where we can be anything. Unfortunately, many people are still subject to differential treatment and belittled for their personal choices.

However, instead of becoming numb, these beautiful souls inspire the world with positivity and happiness. There is power in grace, and the story we share today highlights the importance of being kind, understanding and accepting.


When Savannah Combs found out she was expecting twins, she was thrilled. Her happiness skyrocketed when doctors told her she was pregnant with identical twins. But there was another interesting piece of information.

There was an indication that at least one of the twins might have been born with Down syndrome, but Combs did not confirm this with a diagnostic test. She declined invasive tests to find out if the babies had any underlying health conditions because they could cause miscarriage.

Combs didn’t want to lose any of her babies and was ready to love them just the way they were. “All [prenatal] meeting that they were alive was a blessing to me,” exclaimed the delighted mom for the first time.


Combs gave birth to identical twin girls, Kennadi Rue and Mckenli Ackerman, on May 12, 2021, two months before their due date, at Wolfson Children’s Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida. His bundles of joy were perfect, but they were also extremely rare.

A Canadian father found himself in the same dilemma when he had to defend his son with Down syndrome from hurtful comments from strangers.

Kennadi and Mckenli were Mono/Di twins, meaning the girls had their own bags but shared the same placenta. But that wasn’t all they were special about.


The little angels were diagnosed with Mosaic Down Syndrome, which had an occurrence rate of one percent in two million. Because they were born prematurely, the girls spent almost two months in the hospital.

Combs revealed that her husband, Justin Ackerman, was initially very emotional about the diagnosis of the twins. The then 23-year-old mum knew many people would judge her and her daughters, but to her they were precious.

Middleburg’s mother explained that her twins were like other children. They laughed, cried, had different personalities and experienced mood swings. She described Kennadi as a “ray of sunshine.” Mckenli differed from her twin sister and was a “total diva.”


“They have feelings, they have a beating heart, they know how to speak, they know how to do the things you do, and they will. Like I say, it might be a step back, but they’re going to do it,” Combs said in an interview with News4Jax.

Although she knows her bundles of joy could receive negative remarks, Combs opted to document their journey on her TikTok account. The precious little jewels have become a viral sensation, with many of their videos racking up millions of views on TikTok.

Combs continues to be active on TikTok and Facebook as she wants to educate and raise awareness about Down Syndrome. Unfortunately, there are still some who never miss an opportunity to criticize the young mother and her adorable daughters.


“I wouldn’t want these babies; if mine came out like this, they’d be straight up for adoption,” one person told Combs. The beloved mom had a perfect response, which she shared in her Facebook post:

“I said, luckily they weren’t born from you and they were born from me. God knew what he was doing by giving these babies to the right parents who would love them regardless.

Mckenli and Kennadi continue to thrive and attend their weekly speech therapy, occupational therapy and physiotherapy sessions. Combs described that her twins are achieving their goals and she is proud to be their mother. We couldn’t agree with her more!


Combs is a generous and courageous mother who chooses to love her twin girls despite the criticism. At the same time, she devotes her time and effort to raising awareness about Down Syndrome and treating everyone with love and respect.

A Canadian father found himself in the same dilemma when he had to defend his son with Down syndrome from hurtful comments from strangers. He wanted the world to know that Down syndrome is the best thing that ever happened to him.

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