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MOSAIC hosted the Noche de Estrellas Gala with guest speaker and MSU Texas alumnus Valerie Martinez at Sikes Lake Center for the Hispanic Heritage Month closing ceremony on October 15.

“I am truly more than honored and truly humbled to be here with all of you tonight. When I was asked to be a speaker for Hispanic Heritage Month, I hesitated because sometimes I wonder if I’m good enough. I thought maybe I had some kind of impostor syndrome, ”Martinez said. “But I said, you know what, I have to do it because you never really want to turn down an opportunity.”

Martinez grew up in Corpus Christi, Texas, but quickly got an opportunity at MSU and found her new home away from home in Wichita Falls, Texas. Martinez received his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from MSU and then his Masters from Texas Christian University. MOSAIC invited Martinez to motivate Hispanic students to continue their university education.

Guest speaker and alumnus of MSU Valerie Martinez addresses the audience at Noche de Estrellas. “You need people who will be there for you and help you through the ups and downs. These ups and downs won’t end with your college years, ”Martinez said on Oct. 15. (Colin Stevenson)

“I’ve always said the Midwestern State is my home away from home, and it’s really great to be home,” Martinez said. “I am going to give you some key ideas that I have made to overcome some of this impostor syndrome, because I want you all to know that you belong and that you deserve to be here at MSU.”

Martinez shared the experiences she has had during her career. She also spoke about the mentors who helped her overcome her challenges and the importance of creating a network that will support and guide you through your college education.

“I hope that some of my experiences will help you during your struggles. It’s normal to have difficulties. It’s part of your journey. Martinez said, “Find mentors. You really need to find cheerleaders; put them in your network because you need people who will be there for you and help you through your ups and downs. These ups and downs won’t stop with your college years.

She went on to advise students to believe in their skills and be self-confident in college. She also mentioned the importance of absorbing the skills given to you in college for future opportunities. Martinez spoke about the importance of diversity and inclusion, and the importance of Hispanics represented in colleges in Texas and the United States in general. Additionally, she emphasized the responsibility of helping open doors for other Hispanic students who are struggling in college.

“I have a responsibility to represent whatever will come long after I have exhausted my seat at the table,” Martinez said. “The Hispanic Heritage Gala plays such an important role in strengthening the Hispanic heritage at MSU, and I hope that students will continue to support this legacy long after they leave MSU.”

MOSAIC and the Hispanic Heritage Month committee ended the celebration of a Hispanic Heritage Month with food, an official dance, and a speaker whose speech included key ways for a successful student to make wise choices.

People gather to take photos in one of the sets available at the Noche de Estrellas Gala.
People gather to take photos on one of the backdrops available at the Noche de Estrellas gala on October 15. (Colin Stevenson)

“I love Valérie. We were co-advisers of the Student Ambassadors when she worked here for admissions, ”said Cammie Dean, Director of the MOSAIC Cross-Cultural Center, Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs for Equity and Inclusion and Director of Priddy Scholars. . “I always liked to hear it. I thought she had some very wise words to share. She’s absolutely right about things that I think students need to hear more about.

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