Minnesota Vikings Kirk Cousins ​​- “What is the F%&K?”

How excited are you that football is literally spiraling through the air now?

It’s one of the nicest things about the change of seasons and takes some of the pain out of saying “goodbye” to summer – You can hear local high school football on our sister station Super Talk 1270 am all the season. Heck, even my boss was wearing a Minnesota Vikings jersey this morning, speaking of which, are you bleeding purple and gold? Do you engage in skol rituals? So if you follow the Vikings every year, hoping for a Super Bowl victory, then you know how valuable it is to have a seasoned quarterback to lead your team on the field, a man with a healthy body and a healthy mind – so is Kirk Cousins ​​the guy who’s gonna do it?

Back on the pitch after testing positive for COVID-19

At some point during the five days he missed practice and his team, was he possessed? Did he somehow catch the Tourette Syndrome bug? Those who have known Kirk for a while are well aware of his fairly clean lifestyle, particularly his Christian beliefs – he once said, “The anchor of my life is Jesus Christ…” reported Beyondtheultimate. com. Well, last Wednesday during joint practice with the San Francisco 49ers, Kirk dropped the F-bomb – which shocked the other Vikings.

Chris Long of KSTP-TV Sports (Twin Cities, MN) had this to say on Twitter.

We’re all now wondering if this is a new trend for Kirk…will he swear under his breath when the collection plate is passed in front of him at church? Only god knows.

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