Loan payment times – How long can you get your loan?

When we look for a loan, one of the determining factors that makes us choose a loan rather than another is the speed at which it can be obtained. The timing for obtaining a loan is therefore an important factor. Before going into the analysis of what determines the delivery times and which are the fastest loans, we must distinguish between the timing of the outcome of feasibility and delivery times.

Let’s talk about:

  • time for the outcome of the feasibility, meaning the period that passes between when we make the request and when we receive a positive or negative response to obtain the loan;
  • loan disbursement times, meaning the period from when they gave us positive written results to when we actually got the money.

There are 2 different times that, when put together, go to identify the speed with which we can get the money on loan.

These two times are determined by multiple factors which we will list here and which make it more or less quick to obtain a loan.



Look for a loan in a short time and you would like to have an answer right away! A feasibility outcome in a very short time is possible if you apply online. Keep in mind that in general, all the finances you will turn to, to analyze your situation, will ask you for the following documents:

  • identity card;
  • health insurance card;
  • pay slip, or the last two paychecks or proof of income such as the CUD.

So keep these documents just a click away, so that you can send them as soon as they ask.

If you apply online, most financial institutions can give you a feasibility answer even within an hour. Thanks to shared databases, you can assess your credit situation very quickly. They will check if you already have loans in progress, if you have already had loans in the past and if you have always paid correctly and regularly, if you have had problems with the payment of some installments, if you are therefore a bad payer or a protest.

If there are no particular problems, they will also check your income, also evaluating in which company you work (with more than 15 employees), how long you work, if you have a fixed-term or permanent contract.

They will then verify that the amount you requested and the installment you wish to support are feasible. You will not be able to sustain a too big installment. The installment must be commensurate with your salary.

If you make an online request, you can get an answer within 24/48 hours.

Otherwise, if you want to move in person, we advise you to bring them the documents that we have indicated above, so as not to have to come back a second time or send them by email.

When the financial company assesses that it is possible to provide the loan, then you will have a positive feasibility outcome. Once the approval is obtained, you will have to wait for the loan disbursement times that will vary from financial to financial. Let’s see better below.



After having a positive response, you will have to wait for the money to be actually given to you. If we are talking about a personal loan or a fifth loan, you will have the money directly in your current account. If you have requested a specific loan, the money will be paid directly to the retailer.

The fact is that the timing can vary from financial to financial and from type of loan. Let’s clarify the timing of loan disbursement.


Although the grant of the fifth has numerous advantages, we can say that it is the slowest loan to obtain. This is because in addition to you and the bank, your employer is also involved. The latter will have to activate a procedure and it will take a few more days to get you the loan. So you will have to consider that to get the loan you will have to wait at least two or three weeks.

If you need a loan not finalized, know that even for this type of loan the time is quite short. You can request them directly online with an immediate feasibility outcome and with delivery in a few days or you can go to the financial offices in your city to make a request in person. In this case, remember to bring your ID card, your health card and your two last pay slips. In this way you will already have all the documents necessary to advance the loan application procedure. The official will be able to give you a short answer on the feasibility. If you want a fast loan, we suggest you rely on Scredito.

If you don’t have a paycheck, go to our article to find out what to do to get a loan.

With regard to targeted loans, two situations can be created:

  • You are in a store and you are buying a product, if the retailer offers you a loan tailored to that purchase, in this case the loan is said to be finalized and you will only have to worry about bringing the previously mentioned documents to the retailer. If the sum to be paid is not very high and you are not classified as a bad payer h, you will soon get a loan. You will not have to worry about anything and you will have your purchase in a short time;
  • If you are looking for a loan that can be used independently, you can contact the branches of the financial companies but the time will be longer. We advise you instead to make a request for a quote directly online. As mentioned above, you will find excellent loans for a very short time and you will save time. However, we remind you that in this case, being a finalized loan, you will also need to present a quote for the purchase of the desired product.

Although the loans described above are fast enough, the best solution for fast loans is to get a loan online.

The online loan portals in fact allow you to make a simple and quick request directly from your computer and you can receive the feasibility outcome in no time. You can get the answer for your loan request even in an hour. In addition, delivery times are also very fast. In fact, after having accepted the practice, the financial company will disburse your loan directly to your current account in a few working days.

Ultimately, if you need a quick loan, you will have to pay attention to the timing of acceptance of delivery times. However, we advise you to make a quote online as today they are the best solution to speed up your loan need, both in terms of feasibility response and in terms of delivery.

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