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Help with fundraising

The cost of each week of treatment — around $3,000 — is usually not covered by insurance, which doesn’t make it easy for Justin or his family. If anyone knows, it’s Philip Robert, one of Spero Clinic’s CRPS patients in 2016.

Robert spent ten weeks at the clinic and found his recovery so miraculous that he was inspired to start the Burning Limb Foundation, a non-profit organization whose mission is to raise funds to provide financial relief to those affected. of CRPS, primarily for treatment at the Spero Clinic. . What sets the foundation apart from most other nonprofits is that 100% of the donations it receives are applied to the processing fee. And unlike other fundraising platforms like GoFundMe, donors can then deduct it as a charitable donation on their tax returns.

“The idea is to start (CRPS patients) – get them seed money – so they can then fundraise in the nonprofit world,” Robert says. “We provide a platform where families can use their resources – their network of friends and family – who may be willing to give a little more.”

It is through the Burning Limb Foundation that Justin has received much-needed financial support from family, friends and even people who have never met him but want to play a part in his recovery. .

It is this recovery that Justin realizes is so important, not only to living a pain-free life, but also to inspiring others like him who suffer from CRPS. Although he is not cured of the disease, he hopes his remission can bring hope to others.

“If it can work for me, it can work for anyone,” Justin says. “It’s not guaranteed to work for everyone, but it can work for anyone.”

Miles Ryan Fisher is the Deputy Director of the National Building Trades Medical Screening Program and also sits on the Advisory Board of Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind. Her articles have appeared in The Washington Post, Philadelphia Inquirer, Washingtonian Magazine, Motherly and Go World Travel.

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