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Indore: To change the perception towards those with special needs in addition to exploring the option of trekking for children with Down syndrome, Aditya Tiwari, a software engineer based in the city, is ready to climb the southern base camp of Mount Everest (5364 meters above sea level) with her seven-year-old adopted son, Avnish on April 12.
Tiwari, who had been preparing for this huge feat for six months, had her son born with a chromosomal disorder, Trisomy 21 trained physically and mentally for this huge feat.
“We plan to attempt 17,598 feet with additional medical and other assistance in addition to the guide. Since February, he has been undergoing rigorous training at his school, the Mhow Army School. He is extremely excited to carry the tricolor,” the 33-year-old told TOI.
Avnish will be the first and youngest child with Down Syndrome to attempt the Everest Base Camp trek and at all times his son’s health and best interests are my priority, he added .
In a regular framework, the groups cover such altitudes in the space of 12 days. Nonetheless, to ensure the seven-year-old acclimatizes, the father-son duo and his personal guide will complete it in three weeks.
Last year, when Tiwari planned his trip to Leh with his son, well-wishers suggested he reconsider the pointing, “a mentally handicapped person cannot go to high altitude” and as Leh 3500 meters above sea level, c was a big no. However, the trip turned out to be one of the most memorable memories for the father-son duo as Tiwari made sure to take all the necessary steps in advance for his son’s safety and health.
“Avnish is an athlete in Bharat Special Olympics and last month we were in Kashmir and he really enjoyed the trek in Pahalgam,” he said.
Avnish was given up for adoption by his biological parents and was adopted by single parent, Tiwari in 2016. TNN

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