Equity BCDC unveils a new identity and positions itself to be the bank of choice in the DRC

After a successful merger of Equity Bank Congo (EBC) and Banque Commerciale du Congo (BCDC), to form Equity BCDC, the bank unveiled a new identity.

The identity of the new bank, he said, reflects the coming together of the oldest and most established bank in the DRC and the most dynamic and dynamic bank in Africa to shape a future where the people of the DRC will experience the freedom of modern banking.

“Today marks a historic event in our country, when two legendary banks with varying strengths came together to form a bigger and stronger bank for the Congolese people.

The new bank has the capacity, the talent pool, the experience and the vision to make banking services affordable and accessible to all households in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. With our large footprint of 74 branches and 3,055 agents, we invite all citizens to visit a BCDC Equity branch and they will be able to open a bank account there. A bank account is the start of a journey to empowerment. With a bank account, every Congolese will be able to save any amount of money as little as 1,000 CDF and will be able to carry out transactions as needed. The bank will be able to provide small loans to enable young people and small traders to develop their businesses and their dreams, thus becoming key players in our economy. Celestine added.

Mr. Muntuabu also said that, “For the majority of Congolese who have to work every day to earn a living, they won’t have to worry about taking the time to go to the bank to open a bank account. EquityBCDC has rolled out digital banking, including mobile banking, making banking something you can do anywhere, anytime.

At the same time, Equity BCDC, with a balance sheet of $ 2.7 billion, has the capacity, skills and financial capacity to lend up to $ 40 million to a single client. Combined with a rich history of more than 112 years in the service of corporate clients, the bank has unparalleled expertise and experience in the field of corporate banking. To deepen the relationship with our corporate clients and offer them an enhanced banking experience, Equity BCDC will extend the banking ecosystem to our corporate clients, providing them with an end-to-end management system for their finances and those of their ecosystem value chains. , thus bringing transparent and optimized operations to their businesses. This unique banking innovation for the DRC market will “eliminate the challenges of cash and liquidity management, and we will relieve our corporate clients of the burden of financing their suppliers, leaving corporate clients the freedom to focus on conduct of their respective activities. Celestin said.

He added: “EquityBCDC promises to dominate the market as the first fully digital bank. All of our customers will benefit from our market leading position in card payments (both credit and debit), industry-leading mobile banking applications, real-time internet banking access that offers banking services at any time, and the full integration of their bank accounts with the main mobile wallets available in the country and abroad. Based on Equity Group’s balance sheet, the size of the loan facility on a single debtor can be set at $ 350 million, which allows us to make a real contribution to structuring projects and to the economy. of the DRC. We want to be identified as a catalyst for socio-economic transformation by partnering with our employees at all income levels and offering them products and services that meet their financial needs and being the preferred financial service provider by being relevant to all people of the DRC.

“This merger created a platform for the Bank to evolve its offerings and capabilities, thus becoming a financial institution endowed with strength, expertise, innovation, a solid capital base and regional and global in scope to support the economic growth aspirations of the DRC, ”said Mr. Muntuabu. “We now have the legacy, size and nationwide infrastructure that can bring our experiences and capacities to meaningfully contribute to transforming lives and livelihoods in DRC, while boosting the economic transformation of the country through the allocation of resources. “

Mr. Yves Cuypers, former CEO of BCDC, said: “The merger transition has gone very smoothly, from the transaction agreement in August to the migration to Equity’s central banking system, and today hui, we unveil the new identity ”. The process went smoothly thanks to the support of the government ”.

Mr. Cuypers thanked Central Bank of Congo, other regulators and the government through the Ministry of Portfolio for facilitating and approving the merger of the two entities.

Equity Group Holdings Plc CEO Dr James Mwangi said: “The new identity reflects the prosperous future we envision for the DRC and its people. One that communicates our global capacity, our strong heritage, our innovative culture and our agile business model to serve as a vehicle of social and economic transformation for the people of the DRC.

Given the bold leadership, strong operational capacity and significant financial resources of Equity Group and the business synergies stemming from its membership in a pan-African financial services group operating in 7 countries, Equity BCDC will leverage its rich heritage in pioneering financial democratization to support the DRC to develop its economy for all of its population.

“We are proud of Equity’s example and the role it has played and continues to play in the growth and prosperity of Africa’s people. But we also know that our work in Africa is not yet finished. We will continue to grow our brand to build the bank of the future for all of our clients across the continent, as we help fulfill our own mission of supporting a more equitable and prosperous DRC and an even stronger and more inclusive financial services provider with our innovative value proposition to everyone we serve, ”added Dr. Mwangi.

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