Down Cheshire Syndrome Appears on Heart Breakfast


A NORTHWICH-based Down syndrome charity appeared on Heart Breakfast as part of the Global’s Make Some Noise radio station’s charity mission.

Down Syndrome Cheshire spoke to Jamie Theakston and Amanda Holden about the work she does to support more than 170 children with Down’s syndrome and their families in Cheshire.

The mission of the association is to educate parents and caregivers, raise awareness and support children to help them reach their potential.

It is one of 100 small charities supported by Global’s Make Some Noise in 2021, helping fund a new part-time speech-language pathologist for a year.

Lawrence Caygill, CEO of Down Syndrome Cheshire, told Heart listeners: “At Down Syndrome Cheshire, we help people with Down Syndrome live the lives they choose.

“There is no reason that people with Down’s syndrome cannot get married, have a job, travel the world and have an active social life, so we use early intervention and support to form the building blocks of these achievements. so that people with Down’s syndrome can reach their full potential. ”

Julie Duff, a mom and board chair, added, “One of the things we do at the association is help doctors understand the terminology they use when diagnosing a child. Down’s syndrome is really important.

“It’s not a ‘risk’ to have a child with Down’s syndrome, it’s a ‘chance’ that you have a child with Down’s syndrome.

“You don’t risk winning the lottery, you have a chance to win the lottery.”

Julie encouraged people to get in touch with the charity.

She said: “We went through this journey, we walked in their shoes, and we can really take a lot of the fear out of some of the emotions they might be feeling if they just had a prenatal diagnosis of the syndrome. from Down. ”

Tune in to Heart Breakfast with Jamie Theakston and Amanda Holden, weekdays 6.30-10am.

To donate £ 10, £ 20 or £ 30 to Global’s Make Some Noise, send HEART10, HEART20 or HEART30 respectively to 70766.

To learn more and get in touch with Down Cheshire Syndrome visit


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