Celebrate HoliDates® this October thirty-first!

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Celebrate HoliDates® this October thirty-first!

October 31: 10/31 is the second title in the children’s book series that celebrates the holidays kids love!
HALLOWEEN returns on the same day every year, as do many other children’s favorite celebrations. But young children don’t always know when these dates dot the calendar. Questions like: “Is it Halloween already? When is Halloween? When is Halloween season?” compelled author María Felicia Kelley to answer her son’s questions in the form of the book, October 31: 10/31. Constantine’s curiosity spurred his mother’s creativity. Thanks to the book, the seasons, months of the year, and holiday dates are fun topics to explore. Inspired by Constantine, Maria Felicia Kelley created the Celebrate the Holidays® series of children’s books.

His questions deserved thoughtful answers.
Questions always lead to answers. When Constantine repeatedly asked a few notables, he motivated his mother to move her fingers around his keyboard. Diagnosed at birth with Trisomy 21 (aka Down Syndrome), Constantine’s unique curiosity produced moments his mother would treasure. Every word spoken was a gift to a child whose language was developing. Each, “When is Halloween coming?” offered a moment to take in information with a receptive mind, with ears ready to listen. There were so many ways to describe the arrival of the day: the date on the calendar, the season, the weather. His mother found many ways to answer her son’s recurring questions. In the end, a story became the best way to respond. A tale about a favorite holiday quickly led to an opportunity to create another. Mom could educate her son while entertaining him with facts about the special day, then engage in a dialogue about fun ways to celebrate it.

This kid loves parties!
It started with Halloween, which led to Valentine’s Day. Christmas would come next. The party was the common thread. Constantine loves a good holiday event, especially in his younger years. It made sense to take a journey with him through the special occasions he was most connected to. A fictional story based on real events has become an easy way to digest the concepts of time, planning, and the importance of calendar knowledge. A section on holiday history and a recipe for a favorite holiday treat woven a unifying theme, highlighting the importance of family traditions. Communication with Constantin exploded when it came to discussing topics of interest. The reward occurred when the mother was able to impart knowledge and familiarity with important concepts and life skills without having to “teach” them.

Down syndrome was Constantine’s diagnosis. But rather acknowledging his condition as “Top” Syndrome became a constructive way for his parents to bring their son’s boundless cum to life. It was a positive shift that allowed Constantine’s abilities to guide them, uncovering avenues and opportunities for Constantine’s cognitive growth and accomplishments despite the caveats they had been given.

A portion of the proceeds from each book purchased will be donated to a
organization that seeks to improve the lives of children diagnosed with Down’s syndrome.

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