Australian visas rejected for health reasons (disabilities included)? !

I hope you are doing well during this difficult time. I write here because my son has been affected by the Australian health requirement, there is no “encounter” because at 11 months he was diagnosed in Melbourne-Australia (where he was born) with chromosome mosaicism 21 (Down Syndrome) . We have been living in Melbourne for two years for study purposes. In 2018 my husband won a PhD scholarship so we planned to return to Australia.
At that time, we were already four, my husband, my youngest daughter and I obtained a visa, but my eldest son was excluded. We apply for the visa from our country of origin.
Under Australian law, my son poses a high risk to public health due to public spending on health and community services.
From this event, I decided to do my doctoral research on how “the health requirement” is used as a filter of migratory exclusion and how in this way the violation of rights is legitimized of people categorized as ” disabilities” or with a health problem. Now I’m looking for more families like mine, or people who have faced the same situation and would be willing to share their stories.

In case you decide to share your story, write me through this forum.

Thank you for your time, I await any comments.
Best regards

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