10 modified dolls for 10 children for a 10th birthday celebration

A 9-year-old girl from Steinbach will be celebrating her 10th birthday this spring in a unique way.

Delainey’s mother, Shannon Broesky, says they are raising funds to provide 10 modified dolls that will look like the children who receive them.

“It can be a boy or a girl, they come in many different colors. They can be equipped with glasses, a prosthetic leg, a trachea, feeding tubes. She can even put scars representing surgeries the kids have had, physical abnormalities or disabilities, whether they need a wheelchair,” says Broesky.

She thinks this unique birthday fundraiser is a meaningful way to honor and celebrate her daughter who doesn’t really like gifts or toys.(Photo credit: Facebook/The in’Dee’structable Delainey: Living with Trisomy13)

“As she got older, she found less and less interest in things,” Broesky says. “We don’t really buy his presents. With her special needs, she doesn’t really have any favorite things.

Delainey was born with an extra chromosome, trisomy 13. Most people have 23 pairs of chromosomes. A person with Down syndrome has 47 chromosomes instead of 46.

Trisomy 13 is a genetic chromosomal abnormality that can lead to intellectual and physical disabilities.

With Delainey not caring about gifts, Broesky thinks it’s still important to celebrate her and give people a chance to give gifts in her honor that will bring joy to other kids.

This birthday celebration was inspired by a woman in the United States, Rose Watson, who also has a child with Down syndrome.

Broesky says Watson gives away the dolls for free, using money from his own pocket to pay for the supplies. This means that the waiting list can be quite long for children who would really appreciate an inclusive doll.

By paying for some of the supplies, Broesky hopes to reduce the wait time for these children.

And when Delainey turns 10 in April, she will also receive a doll that looks just like her.2022 01 dolls1 facebookRose Watson’s daughter, Lavender, with her modified doll. (Photo credit: Facebook/Loving Lavender)

Just days after this fundraiser began, nearly $500 in US funds was raised. Broesky had hoped to raise US$600 which would pay for 10 dolls. Given this incredible response, she decided to continue collecting donations until April 1 to coincide with Delainey’s birthday.

If this is something you’d like to be a part of, contact Shannon Broesky at [email protected] and don’t forget, when sending donations by electronic transfer, to indicate that the money should be paid to “Delaineys Dolls”.

The dolls range between $60 and $120 (US) and Broesky says every dollar will make a difference and is appreciated.

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